The Tagger

The Tagger 1.2.3

Edit ID3 tags in AAC and MP3 files


  • Simple and functional interface
  • Allows several different types of Id3


  • Renaming and tagging features are hidden in menus
  • Only uses Discogs library for info


Labelling your music files correctly is essential to making sure that they're easily organised in applications such as iTunes.

The Tagger is an MP3 and AAC tagger that's packed with features designed around a very easy to use interface. The Tagger allows you to label and tag those MP3 files that you may be unable to iTunes for various reasons. Obviously, going through files one by one is very time consuming which is why The Tagger automatically searches and retrieves tags from Discogs which is a community based music lovers site with thousands of album info.

The Tagger features a a tag trimming tool, a prefix and suffix tool, a renamer, a tool to remove hidden personal data from iTunes Plus files and it can even retrieve artwork. Files that you've tagged can be easily exported to iTunes directly from The Tagger. Probably the most useful tool is an option to define a tag template that you can use to rename files automatically or several at once.

The Tagger is a powerful ID3 renaming and editing tool that can help keep your files organized and labeled more accurately.

The Tagger


The Tagger 1.2.3

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